Astro-Numerologist cracks Mumbai Indians IPL10 victory!

Astro-Numerologist cracks Mumbai Indians IPL10 victory!

By Sanjay B Jumaani

India’s leading Astro-Numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani decodes Mumbai Indians IPL10 victory:

2017=1, Sun and Shri Mukesh (19/04) & Nita Amabni are both No. 1’s who were tipped to have a great year.

It was also IPL’s 10th (1+0=1) edition!

When they were at the bottom of IPL for the first 4 seasons, they consulted us when I suggested them to add Gold to their plain Blue jersey as Gold represented their Ruler, 1, Sun (Leadership).

I’m proud that they struck ‘gold’ thrice, now the only teams to pick up 3 IPL Cups so far!


JIO (our spellings) adds to 9 was launched in 2016 (9) too!

No. 9, Mars is Aries & Scorpio Ruler & both Ambani’s are Aries & Scorpios; 1, Sun & 9 Mars are both Pillars of the Numbers game, fiery planets that make a person possess leadership skills.

Recently Mukesh Ambani Ji lead the Forbes List of Game Changers! A No. 1 on top in 2017 (1)!

13Sanjay B Jumaani reveals to us that all 3 #IPL2017 Finalists were followers of Numerology!

Earlier SRK’s KKR too picked 2 Cups after consulting Sanjay B Jumaani when they were down in the first four seasons too, then following colour/Logo/Jersey Number changes they turned victorious.
Rising Pune Supergiants who were at the bottom in all Cups were finalist now after dropping an ‘S’ from their name at the start of this IPL!


Magic of No 24 (6, Venus, Luxury) worked that too when it mattered the most!
3,6,9  a family, Krunal Pandya, another follower born on 24th wearing Jersey No. 24 was the Man Of The Match for MI on 21st (3) a date also lucky for two more No. 3’s!

Captain, Rohit Sharma & Yours Truly
MI scored 129 (3)!

It was incidentally the ‘3’rd IPL Victory for our Clients, #MI!

Nothing to take away from the team’s hard-work, but weren’t all earlier teams waking up at 5 a.m and were subject to gruelling practice sessions? The Finals were decided on the last ball, if this isn’t about Luck then what is?
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