Anything for his passion….

Anything for his passion….

9 9aBy-Nidhi Kumari

With fire in his eyes and desire in his heart, Australian based Indian actor,

Rakesh Dasgupta came to Australia. Little did he know that the road ahead would be tough and hard, but he did not stop. His ardent desire to see himself as an actor made him strive harder and harder. Today, Rakesh stands as an inspiration for many, a living example of chasing one’s dreams until you have clasped it. To all those who quit their passions amid the humdrum and hullabaloo of what we call ‘life’, Rakesh is the man who followed his dreams until he got it.

When Rakesh came to Australia he had only $50 in his pocket, difficult to make both ends meet, he did odd jobs, slept in bus shelters and visited the Salvation Army for food.

Attending auditions, getting rejected, trying again and trying more became a part and parcel of Rakesh’s life. Having an average looks and physique Rakesh worked day in and day out to get in shape. He would practice his lines in front of the mirror and practice more. Rakesh’s not so good accent and grasp over the English language was another setback for him. But he overcame it all.

Unable to afford a formal training for his passion for acting, Rakesh started working for students films in Sydney. Though the roles weren’t paid but Rakesh had no complains, he was getting to act and learn the nuances of performing arts. His confidence grew manifold and finally he grabbed few lead roles and television commercials. Furthermore, Rakesh’s strenuous hard work landed him in a Hollywood venture, ‘Down Under’ which took him to Los Angeles where his acting skills were very well received. He was also offered a role in an American feature film but he had to turn it down as he did not have a working visa. Did that upset Rakesh? No, in fact he is upbeat and hopeful, much more than before and feels that an actor should be honest and keep acting.

“Actors shouldn’t aspire stardom; they should act with honesty and all their heart. Believe in yourself and act on”, he said.

Rakesh Dasgupta broke away the shackles the society created for him, he came out of all the depressing impediments that tried to pull him down and he’s shut all the mouths of the naysayers and has came out successful. “There’s a long way to go”, said he.

His hope shall encourage many and may more!

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