BDS AUTOCARE : An umbrella of Automotive services in Melbourne

BDS AUTOCARE : An umbrella of Automotive services in Melbourne

By Neha Kolape

BDS AUTOCARE  is one of the fastest growing chains of automotive service centers in Melbourne.  Founded  in  2012  in   Geelong   by  Mr.  Harpreet Singh  Bedi  a  qualified  automotive  technician  and  TAFE   trainer, the automotive centre has grown   to  three  different convenient   locations   such  as   North  Geelong , Hoppers  Crossing  and  Williamstown.

Providing cheaper, fairer dealership with amicable staff members, Mr. Bedi said, “We assure you a cheapest alternative to dealerships when it comes to car servicing and maintenance with warranty. Our technicians are not only experienced but highly qualified with up to date knowledge on cars.  We   specialise   in  European  and  prestige   cars. We  provide   all mechanical  repairs , such  as   vehicle  log  book  services ,Auto electrical  services ,mechanical  repairs  and  roadworthiness.”

“Our   friendly staff  and  affordable   prices  are   key   factors   which   keep   us  in  lead   .  We  also

offer free  customer  drop off and  pickups  .  Apart from offering yearly   car  servicing  packages  at the best price, we  provide warranty  on  all of  our  services   which  give a   peace   of  mind  to  our  clients,” Mr. Bedi added.

“The most  common  questions  that strikes  everyone’s’  mind  is — can  I get  my  car serviced  from an  independent  service centre for  my new  car   ?  Wouldn’t this  affect  my  new  car  warranty ?

 And  the  answer  is  yes   under  consumer  laws  vehicle  can  be  serviced  and  maintained  by  an  approved  VACC workshop  , this  will  not  affect  new  car’s  warranty  , infact  this  is  a cheapest  alternative to  dealerships.

At  BDS  AUTOCARE  we  are  approved  VACC  service  centre and  can  service  and  stamp  your  vehicle  log book without  affecting  car  warranty.  All services are  done in accordance  with  manufacturer’s  recommendation.

Our technicians are not only experienced but highly qualified with up to date knowledge on cars. We   do  all  makes  and  models   and  specialise   in  European  and  prestige   cars. We have  served  over   3000 clients  so  far  alone  in  Hoppers   Crossing   .

We  provide   all mechanical  repairs  ,such  as   vehicle  log  book  services ,tyres, brakes, suspension, transmission, differentials , steering  sytems, AIR BAG  systems,  Battery  ,EFI  Diagnosing  ,   ECU  programming  , diesel  vehicles  , Auto electrical  services ,mechanical  repairs  and  roadworthiness of light  vehicles  upto   4.5  tons  .   We  have  factory   trained  technicians   especially  for  European  cars  such  as  AUDI,BMW,LANDROVER, VOLKSWAGEN ,CHRYSLER,MERCEDES  BENZ. We have   advanced   diagnostic   tools for troubleshooting  and  diagnosing  procedures,” Mr. Bedi explained in detail.

Talking about the recently launched roadside assistance, Mr. Bedi explained, “ We’ve recently started roadside  assistance  program  for  all  of our  clients  in association  with  VACC (Victorian  Automotive  Chamber  Of  Commerce) which  gives  an  edge   to customer service .”

“Customer   satisfaction  is   very  important  so  that’s  why   we   collect   regular   feedback   from our  clients   via   feedback  forms  , and  other  forms  of   methods   to   analyze   where  we stand  and  how   we   can   improve   our selves,” he said,

Mr.   bedi  himself has  a  great  passion for  cars and  loves   to  take  challenges   when   it  comes  to  fault   finding in a   vehicle. Mr.  Bedi  has  years  of  experience  as  an  automotive technician  and  has  worked on different cars  in Australia  and  India .He credits his friendly staff members for their best service in automotive. BDS AUTOCARE has   grown   from 2   mechanics   to   12 full time    mechanics   and   two   managers  in  just  4  years.

Enlightening about accreditations  and   achievements of BDS AUTOCARE Mr. Bedi said, “BDS  AUTOCARE  is  approved   and  accredited  automobile  repairer   from  VACC (VICTORIAN  AUTOMOTIVE  CHAMBER  OF  COMMERCE)  which  means   all  of  our  services   comes   with  warranty  and  we are  authorized   to stamp  vehicle service  manual  on behalf  of manufacturer. It is approved  and  accredited   automobile   repairer   for  fleet  care  Australia  which is  Australia’s  largest  independent   fleet care  company  with  over  30,000 cars  nationwide. This  is a  big achievement   as   we   are   the  only  private   approved   service  centre   in Victoria  .

BDS  AUTOCARE  is   approved and  licensed   vehicle  tester  for  light  passenger  cars  and  taxis  in Victoria.  Authorized  and qualified mechanics  who  can  test  and  issue   roadworthy certificates  on  behalf   of  VICROADS are also available here.”

Automotive  Industry  is  not   same  anymore ,  its  changing  every year  in terms of  technology, safety   features  and so on. Keeping this in mind the organisation  has regular   training  programs   which  are  conducted   with the  help   of  various   TAFE  colleges  for  their  staff to bring about continuous  improvement .

They   have   decided   to  expand   their   business  throughout   Victoria   in coming   years   .

BDS  AUTOCARE  has  established  a  unique and  successful   business model  which  will  be soon  remodeled  into  a  franchise  system.

Current Locations 

HOPPERS  CROSSING   -UNIT  5/29  GRAHAM CT   PH-  93697408,   Trading   hours-  MON -FRI 8.30AM- 5PM ,SAT  9AM-3PM

WILLIAMSTOWN  -3 BENTLEY  ST     PH-93998782,                              Trading   hours-  MON -FRI 8.30AM- 5PM ,SAT  9AM-3PM

NORTH  GEELONG-  80  KILDARE  ST , PH   52773661,                        Trading   hours-  MON -FRI 9AM- 5PM


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