Akhil Australia Marathi Sammelan (AAMS) 2016 stepping closer!

Akhil Australia Marathi Sammelan (AAMS) 2016 stepping closer!

By Dr Swati Muzumdar

Dr Rajiv Padhye

Hello everyone! We are now approaching very close to this mega event.

Organising committee would like to thanks Marathi community (from Australia and New Zealand) for their overwhelming response to AAMS 2016.  Almost 90% of the seats (of the totalcapacity) have already been sold out!!! Those who have not yet purchased a ticket please visit web site – www.aams2016.org  as early as possible to avoid any disappointment.

abmsAAMS has received over 90 articles for AAMS 2016 “SMARNIKA”. Vasant Masik –very reputable and popular marathi magazine from India has offered to publish a special edition based on AAMS2016 as “VASANTAAMS 2016 Melbourne VISHESHANK”.

We all are excited about the sammelan but we should all recognise the work done in 1993 by then Maharashtra Mandal Victoria’s President Mr UdayDhumatakar and his committee who host the first AAMS in Melbourne. Since then the Maharashtrian community has grown over the years and has widely spread throughout Australia. AAMS2016 is an opportunity for young and old to meet with our own Marathi people from Australia and New Zealand,to understand marathi culture, language (BHASHA) and art (KALA).

Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) Puneand Excellence Shelters Pvt. Ltd are the Platinum sponsors for AAMS2016. We are delighted to publish “manogat” of Rahul Karad- MIT and Dr Naresh Bharde –Excellence Shelters Pty Ltd

*My Desire

Rahul Karad-Vice President MIT


First of all my best wishes for the Akhil Australia Marathi Sammelan – 2016

The concept of ‘Simolanghan’ or defying and crossing boundaries is quite old to Maratha history. The concept existed during the rule of ShivajiMaharaj.  However, the meaning was different then. It meant crossing limits to conquer territories. With times the meaning of the term has changed. Today, we cross boundaries for pursuit of excellence in fields of higher education, personal development, professional development, etc.

The tendency of most Maharashtrians is not to move away from their homes. This is very unlike other Indian communities like the Punjabis, Gujaratis, Rajasthanis, Tamilians, etc., who had moved to pursue business or higher education to foreign countries even in the 1960’s and 70’s. They settled in countries like England, America, Australia, etc. and further gained citizenship of those countries. The Maharashtrians however, were left behind. I feel that all those Marathi people who have settled in foreign countries should reach out to their other Marathi brethren, and help them see the Western world and create progress.

MIT (Maharashtra Institute of Technology) is a Pune based institute and is the first private educational institute in India after independence. This very young institute of 32 years has sent many graduates abroad. I feel that the common Marathi man should not just bask in the glory of ShivajiMaharaj. Without losing his self-esteem and pride he should travel to all countries of the world to enrich his experiences and share our glorious traditions.

Even after living in Australia for so many years, the Maharashtrians there have not forgotten Maharashtra. I take pride in this and I take this opportunity to express this. To preserve our rich culture, heritage and traditions should be our goal wherever we live. I would like to congratulate you all in maintaining this and keeping the Marathi language alive.

Best Wishes from Mr Rahul Karad (Vice President, MIT)

*My Expressions

Dr Naresh BhardeExcellence Shelters Pvt. Ltd – Dr


My warm greetings to all Australian Marathi people.

Being the Platinum sponsor of the Akhil Australia Marathi Sammelan 2016, brings me on my maiden visit to Melbourne, Australia. I am really pleased to say that you have adhered to the saying, ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ even outside of India!

The organisation of the committee was apparent since the time I got out of the plane, and set foot at the airport. Punctuality of the committee members, strict adherence to schedule, etc. was very visible from the start. I am proud to say that the Marathi people in Melbourne are very welcoming, and have kept the Marathi culture alive even in Australia.

I am very privileged to be invited to various cultural events in Pune Maharashtra, be it Shiv Jayanti, or Ganesh Utsav. However, it gives me great happiness to hear that these festivals are celebrated with the same enthusiasm even in Australia.

I wish to congratulate the efforts of Shri Abhiji Bhide, Shri Makarand Bhagwat and all other team members, and hope that this Sammelan will set a bench mark for all Marathi Sammelans in other places in the world.

There is no doubt in my mind that this Akhil Australia Marathi Sammelan will be 100% successful due to the committee’s efforts and hard work. I have had a very pleasant experience since the time I landed here. I believe, and am certain that the relationship with ‘Excellence Group” is only going to strengthen further in the future.

*Both Marathi versions translated in English by Dr Swati Mujumdar.

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