AIYD helps in strengthen India-Australia Relations.

AIYD helps in strengthen India-Australia Relations.

youthYouth – the leaders of tomorrow are the drivers of our future – in business, social and cultural development.

The 3rd Australia India Youth Dialogue took place in India from the 27th of January, 2014 to 30th of January 2014. The AIYD recognizes that in the dynamics of the Australia- India relationship the youth are particularly active. The dialogue through various programs like student exchange programs, higher education in each of those countries, youth networks and business programs, to young entrepreneurs and professional service providers which help the youth to cross the  divide between Australia and India to foster mutually beneficial relationships.

This three day conference had 15 delegates representing India and Australia. The conference focuses on some important issues which affect the Indo-Australian relations. The main agendas of this conference were: Education, Politics and Bilateral Relations and Gender and Civil Society. A number of delegates who were selected by the AYID for the meet spoke and discussed on key issues and addressed the audiences. Salman Khurshid, Minister for External Affairs, Government of India on this special occasion also addressed the conference.

This conference comes as an important milestone, when there have been a lot of cases being reported of racial discrimination in Australia towards Indians. The assaults were majorly done on the Indian students. Though the Australian Government has assured the safety of Indians repeatedly, the number of students going to Australian has been slightly affected.

In the light of such cases, the conference focuses on a number of crucial issues like gender and civil society. The AYID is one of the important meet which facilitate an ongoing engagement between Australia and India through their youth. The AIYD is therefore only the first step.

But the question remains, are these conferences actually a way to strengthen relations or a new approach is required?

Isha Sahni

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