‘Aim higher even if you feel it is beyond your grasp,’ Tanmay Gupta, ATAR Score 99.70

‘Aim higher even if you feel it is beyond your grasp,’ Tanmay Gupta, ATAR Score 99.70

Compiled by Nidhi Kumari

‘Staying motivated, setting daily academic goals, balancing studies and leisure time to aiming higher even if you feel it is beyond your grasp,’ are the mantras that paved way for young Tanmay Gupta for his exceptional performance at the VCE Examination. Read on to know more about this bright achiever:

Name: Tanmay Gupta

School: Mazenod College

ATAR Score: 99.70

Hobbies: Watching Movies, Playing Guitar, Tennis, Basketball, Eating Different Foods.

With such high ranking and performance, you’ve become an inspiration for many. But if I had to ask you, who your inspiration is; your answer would be:

My inspiration was one of my seniors. What really stood out to me and struck inspiration in me was the fact that not only had he achieved a really high ATAR score, but he had also been immersed in all aspects of high school life.  Coming into Year 12, I had been harboring this strange idea that one must focus and concentrate ONLY on studies to achieve such a high ATAR (which is definitely not true), yet this individual I speak of was an inconsistency to such an idea. I then considered maybe that he was an outlier and dismissed it. Yet as years went by, I began to notice something very apparent in all the high achievers I had seen or met, and that was their ability to pursue their passions and interests even during such a busy year. This balance that these high achievers maintained between academics and their interests/passions inspired me to strike a similar balance in my Year 12 life. But also, another source of inspiration, I think a more enduring one, was from the peers of my cohort itself. Seeing everyone so focused and hard working motivated me to continue persevering through a time where one can easily lose motivation and resilience.

At your age, one tends to get distracted with myriad of things around. How do you manage both your social and academic life?

Whether it be social life, or simply downtime where you can pursue your interests and passions, I believe time should be made for such activities. Time management and organisation are key, in order to balance academics and leisure time. Set daily and weekly academic goals, and as you achieve them, reward yourself. It is important to do what you enjoy, because if you simply study 24/7, then you will burn out very quickly.

You are at an age where there’s a lot of pressure from the people and society around. From excelling in VCE examinations till date, what has been your calmness and success mantra?

I think there have been a few ideas or views that I have espoused to overcome the tribulations of Year 12. First of them being, that whatever effort I made, and whatever work I conducted, was to the best possible standard and outcome I could achieve in that given time during those particular circumstances. Acknowledging such a fact was important to me, as it assisted me to elevate from self doubt, which I too often permitted, and helped me to calm my constant self imposed pressure of presenting high quality work.

Yet I believe, coupled with that, you should constantly aim to achieve higher even if you feel it is beyond your grasp, because if you put your mind and hard work into it, anyone can achieve what they desire.

But for me most importantly, my support network was crucial for me, a major part being my parents, especially my mother. In Year 12, I think it is very important to have people who constantly motivate you and encourage you to do the best you can do.

Are you enjoying this new phase of your life?

Yes I am, but I definitely encourage those who are in Year 12, to take hold of every opportunity that presents, and make the most of a year that can, and never will come back.

Post VCE when many students will be pursuing their dreams and aspirations, what is it that you would want to say to all those who will be venturing/have ventured into this new world?

Post VCE is definitely a time where students can wind down and relax, preparing themselves for the next step in their journey, and the vocation they seek to pursue. I think the Post VCE period is one of great significance because it marks the transition from a high school student to one of an independent, mature individual. It is an exciting time, as you are able to indulge in activities that were limited by Year 12.

A word of advice for your juniors in school:

Please select the subjects you like, it is really crucial. This will keep you motivated and interested in your studies, and can really encourage you to perform well.

Do not compare yourselves with others, whether it is in terms of amount of preparation, or the time spent studying and doing practice questions. Make sure you do the things that will benefit you, and study effectively.

What is it that you’re going to miss from school days?

I think I will miss the whole school routine and the interactions with friends I had in the context of various endeavors, such as academic pursuits and co – curricular activities. There will be definitely some opportunities from school days I would miss, which was readily available at school, but not so, in the real world. I will also miss greatly my wonderful set of teachers who were always ready and willing to help.

Your future plans and how do you intend to accomplish it?

Right now, for my future plans, time will only tell, but I think it is important for all Year 12’s to understand that not knowing what you want to do, and what you want to accomplish in life is absolutely fine, and I would say it is normal. I would say to find a goal or objective as soon as possible, as it gives you something to work towards, and assess your success in moving towards its accomplishment.


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