After Two Decades, ‘Babuji’ in a comic role

After Two Decades, ‘Babuji’ in a comic role

6Universally recognised as ‘Babuji’, both on television and celluloid, Alok Nath is now

set to go down a different path for a TV show called Nadaniyaan. While Alok will still

play ‘Babuji’ on this show, his role will have a comic touch. His character will be that of a

framed photograph of a dead person, which ‘comes to life’.

A source says, “He has already been introduced in the show as a photo. He will

start ‘speaking’ later and that’s when his comic track will begin.” Alok says, “I will be

playing a comic character after almost two decades. It would be difficult to break away

from a set image, but as an actor, one would love to experiment with roles.”

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