Activist sleeps outside in cold to raise homelessness awareness

Activist sleeps outside in cold to raise homelessness awareness

A Chicago community activist slept outside in frigid cold weather in an effort to raise awareness for the city’s homeless population.

The lowest temperature outside in Chicago was around minus 19 degree Celsius while the wind chill dropped to minus 28 degree Celsius on Wednesday morning.

“There’s not enough help being done, especially during the winter time,” Chicago Sun-Times quoted community activist Andrew Holmes as saying, Xinhua reported.

Holmes took breaks from sleeping to pacing back and forth in the area to keep the blood moving, Chicago Sun-Times reported.

The National Weather Service forecast Wednesday’s high at minus 12 degree Celsius.

The weather service is warning residents in northern Illinois and northwest Indiana of an “excessive cold risk” and “dangerously low” temperatures and wind chills through early Wednesday. And the excessive risk will remain in effect at least through New Year’s Day.

The 2015 census indicated there were more than 82,200 homeless in Chicago, the third largest city by population in the US.

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