Abstract artwork of five artists on show in Delhi

Abstract artwork of five artists on show in Delhi

MVEfullstageAbstract works of iconic painter S.H. Raza along with four other artists are on display at an exhibition here that aims to reflect that their journey was one of deep contemplation.

The exhibition “Five Quartets” celebrates the work of five abstract artists who through convoluted brush stokes have addressed issues that lay deep-entrenched in our civil system.

Curated by Uma Nair, the exhibition also showcases works of Seema Ghuraiyya, Akhilesh, Manish Pushkale and Yogendra Tripathi. It was inaugurated on Friday and will be on display at the Artkonsult in Lado Sarai till June 13.

“The idea of bringing together these artists is to step into the realms of abstract practices, to reflect that their journey is one of deep contemplation,” Nair told IANS.

“It is a reckoning that becomes less rigidly structured, it is a solitary lampooning that permeates with visual rhythms and pictorial contrasts,” she added.

Highlighting Raza’s oeuvre, Nair said: “I believe that as a painter, we must perceive Raza to be powerfully positioned to participate in this great current of exploration – more pervasive every day – that is the phenomenon of contemporary art.

“Countless new styles and techniques and symbolism are being created under the sign of this new spirit, and the general production of our era is tearing us from the past and propelling us into an imminent new phase,” she added.

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