AASHA hosted its second Health Promotion Camp

AASHA hosted its second Health Promotion Camp

‘Eight to Eighties-Uniting generations’

AASHA AUSTRALIA FOUNDATION in collaboration with AUSTRALIAN SIKH ASSOCIATION LTD & partners celebrated open day at Gurdwara Sahib with free health checks, free flu vaccinations, information on Alzheimer’s Australia  and my aged care in Punjabi.

 AASHA hosted its second Health Promotion Camp at Parklea Sikh Temple at Glenwood on 22nd April, 2017. The event attracted about 200 people who got free health checks, including 100 free flu vaccinations.

“Everyone appreciated the efforts of AASHA Australia Foundation & partner’s efforts to serve the community and raise awareness about ageing as a way of life and create proactive awareness for healthy and happy life.

Lot of interest was shown in My Aged Care information provided in Punjabi by Ethnic Council, Alzheimer’s Australia& AASHA Australia foundation,” Mrs. Bijinder Dugal, co-founder and Director of AASHA said.

“AASHA AUSTRALIA FOUNDATION is an initiative to fulfil urgent growing needs of care of increasing population of seniors of Indian & South Asian Sub continent. It is important to create awareness of the services and sources available to meet with their needs and in particular to ensure all such Aged Care services provided to them meet with Cultural demands, specific to such persons. It is also intended to coordinate with Government agencies and other Service providers to facilitate Aged Care with Cultural focus,” Mrs Dugal informed.

For further information about AASHA and to register your interest to support, volunteer or donate visit: www.aashaaustralia.org.au.
 Or you can contact one of the directors:

Bijinder Dugal : 0412786569, email: bijinderdugal2002@yahoo.com.au

Dr Praful Valanju: 04481632336, email:praful.valanju@aashaaustralia.org.au

Anurag Vasisth: 0479185036 , email :anurag.vasisth@aashaaustralia.org.au

Mohan Singh Baveja: 0410540234, email: baveja@gmail.com

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