AAMIR- The Human

AAMIR- The Human

38If ‘PK’ is the movie wrapped in a mystery, then Aamir Khan is wrapped in the truth of human.

Amidst the days of promotion of ‘PK’, which opens on 19 Jan 2015, Aamir smiles often. Fresh even after the long hours of movie promotions, Aamir picks his words carefully. He does not strive to be liked and is likeable because of it!! – Just as he does not work hard to act but effortlessly slips into the character!!

Young looking, honest approach and minimalistic efforts to project himself makes each one of us yearn for the ‘PK’ story to unfold and as Aamir said, “it was the most endearing role of his life as yet”. I shall believe him!!! He walks in the most casual attire but careful words.

He is a man of perfection and learning, stays committed to his callings and is not preoccupied with the wonderings of the others’ interpretation of his act of nobility via ‘Satyamev Jayate’.

Courtesy Mind Blowing Films, in an exclusive interview with Ranjoo Mann from Indus Age, he says that he wanted his audience to see the issue, the real issue – even someone who couldn’t relate to ‘Satyamev Jayate’ is left virtuous after viewing it.

On being asked if ‘Satyamev Jayate’ is a step towards his entering politics, he brushes it aside.

He was aware of the impact of this story telling methodology of sensitive issue, the researching because of which he was surrounded with the real people of whose story he attempted to tell on larger canvas of social issues, social dilemmas and social lacunae. He was moved with the extraordinary concept in each episode and as each unfolded; he believed in the extraordinary courage that it gave to humanity and patriotism.

‘P.k’ a special movie for him and during its preparation he carried his character of his earlier film ‘Dhoom 3’ into PK. Reason why he takes only one project at a time as the intensity of each character of each project overtakes his all being. Aamir believes in the organic process of film making.


Q. PK poster enigma, right from transistor holding nude Aamir to Aamir fully clothed in the attire of Rajasthani folk musician…does it reflect the journey of Peekay?

Aamir: Peekay is a story that shall unfold only on the screen. There are movies which need a treatment of mystery before release. The only thing I can say that is it is one of the most challenging characters I have played so far.

Q: There is a very thin line between virtue and hypocrisy. Which side of the line are you?

Aamir: I live on my belief and not preoccupied with the inference of any of my act. Being an immensely sensitive person, I seek response within myself.

Q: Any move to enter politics?

Aamir: Politics does not interest me. I have a different connect with people and I shall be in that realm only.

Q: There is silently a ‘Doctrine of Aamir’, which is formulated, and being emulated by many. The doctrine comprises of – a movie at a time, no collection of awards, involvement in all the departments of movie…

Aamir (with a chuckle): I am totally unaware that I am creating a doctrine! Yes I like to do a movie at a time, as I believe in total involvement .The involvement in portraying a character is so intense that it is almost like a handloom weaver.

Once the weaver puts a thread on loom to make a fabric, till he finishes the fabric, he cannot put any other thread on the loom. Similarly I believe in the organic process of filmmaking. Once during the latter part of the shooting of Dhoom 3, I had to simultaneously shoot for PK. I carried my character of PK to the sets of Dhoom 3, hence for each shot of Dhoom 3, I would speak in Bhojpuri- my language of PK!!!! After ‘Mela”, I changed my race to one track at a time. Awards for me are as irrelevant as much as the media interpretation of box office collection of the movies. Both are engulfed in wrong projections.

Q. Where you ever threatened by any whom you uncovered during the episodes of SATYAMEV JAYATE?

Aamir: Never!!!

Q: Tell me about ‘TAARE ZAMEEN PAR?

Aamir: Taare Zaamin was for Akshaay khanna. Amol, the director wanted me to approach Akshaay Khanna on his behalf to do Taare Zameen Par. But on reading the script, I liked it so much that I offered to do it. It has been one of the most rewarding film so far.

We never thought that is shall see success of this magnitude. Slowly and effortlessly he has coined his ‘Aamir doctrine’ – of working in one project at a time, research bent, total involvement right till the release, believes in organic film making, the sync sound regime. Phew!!

He embodies ‘I am’ as truly propagated by ‘Nisarga datta’ – “Trust me, I tell you; you an divine. Take it as absolute truth, your joy is divine, your sufferings is divine too.”

Aamir spoke of all influences in his life to make him ‘Aamir’ right from his mother to Nasir Hussain, to Kiran his wife. ‘I am Aamir’- what a human in the actor!!

‘P.k’ as Aamir says is one of the challenging roles but Aamir is complete, Aamir is ‘I am’ and he shall coin his doctrine in coming days.

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