Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate Season 2 Episode On Rape

Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate Season 2 Episode On Rape


Isha Sahni

SatyamevJayate Season 2’s opening episode was aired on 2nd of March on Star Plus. The show hosted by Amir Khan in its first season touched upon sensitive issues like female feticide, child sexual abuse, dowry etc. and bringing them in the public discussions. The season 2 of the much talked show was kicked off by taking up a very sensitive and grave issue of Rapes in India.

The show started with reminding the audiences of the tragic 16th December ‘Nirbhaya’ rape case, showing clipping of the protest by the people of the country. As a social crusader, Amir Khan followed it up with other prominent and shocking cases of atrocities again women in states like West Bengal, Punjab and other states.

The show delved into what a victim of rape goes through after being subject to the heinous crime. By dividing it into four parts, Amir Khan focused on the contemptuous attitude the society has towards the rape victims and her family, rather than towards the accused.

Aamir in his show pointed at the judicial system of the country towards the cases of rapes mostly talking about the lengthy procedures and insensitivity shown. He further added that by excluding the victims and dissuading them, the society is indeed encouraging the rapist, who shockingly, constitute only one percent population of the society.

Amir Khan while talking to a social worker questioned a number of predominant beliefsand informed that incidents of rape were equally at large in villages as in cities. Revealing that most victims were traditionally dressed at the time of crime, as opposed to the argument that provocative dressing invite rapes.

Bringing tears in the eyes of many and touching the hearts of all, the actor emphasised on the need for an immediate change in the scenario. He suggested the setting up of a centre for rape crisis in all districts of every state, throughout the country. The centre would collect all evidence from a victim and help augmenting the process of justice.

Aiming the show at public participation, “SatyamevJayate” suggestion of the setting up of a rape crisis centre is open to vote.

The first episode of the show like the last season has already had a strong and powerful impact on the audiences.

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